Free Love Strategy Session

Ready To Get Unstuck and Clear?

Whether it’s your love relationship or time to put yourself first, this love strategy session is great for anyone committed to making transformational changes in their life. This session will give you the boost and clarity that you need to get started now.

You’ll have greater clarity around where to start, where you want to go and what’s blocking your way to getting there.

Before beginning our coaching relationship, I always like to offer a free of charge love strategy session.

Positive and productive coaching helps you to take your life or relationship or both to the next level…

In our session we will focus on 3 things:

How you want your life/relationship to look in a year. The clearer you are about what you want to achieve, the easier it is for us to plan to get you there.

We’ll talk about what’s working now and what’s not, so we know what we’ve got to work with.


Finally, we’ll identify the obstacles in your way so we can make a plan to help you overcome them.

This free love strategy session is a 30-minute phone conversation where we get into your situation to identify the area(s) that need strengthening and see if my services could support you on that journey. It is really worthwhile if you feel you need to get on it now before it worsens.

The love strategy sessions are a way to connect with who I am and how I work, and you will get heaps out of the session regardless of our fit.

To book your free love strategy session, click the button below, select a time that works for you, next simply fill in the form and I look forward to talking with you soon.

Keep Smiling


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