Brainstorm For Clarity

Lost Direction, Stuck in a rut... Need a change?

You might be navigating a conflict, trying to make a personal or professional decision, or looking for guidance on your path forward.

In this 90-minute clarity session together, we will map out your journey from here to there. Gain insight, clarity, and confidence to move forward towards life and relationship that thrives. Perfect for those who want direction and support in taking their next steps.

Who is this for…

Brainstorming for clarity sessions are for anyone who is struggling with:

    • Trying to reclaim/rediscover your identity.
    • Identify your own values, strengths and decide how to develop them.
    • Talk through your concerns and help make sense of your options.
    • Have a fabulous idea and are not sure how to make it happen.
    • Wanting fun ideas and ways to connect with your partner.
    • Getting unstuck and life back on track.
    • The career is on track but looking for direction in your life.
    • A decision about your career or current professional situation.
    • Going through a major life transition – relocation, empty nesters or becoming new parents.

In our session we will…

Assess Where You Are:

Together we will take an honest look at your life or relationship now.

Identify What you Want To Change:

Who do you want to be/Where do you want to go?

Create Your "Next Steps" Plan:

Brainstorm on action steps, habits and tools to help move you forward. 

What actually happens…

We will spend 90 minutes together deep-diving into what you actually want for yourself; your goals, dreams, vision, what has stopped you from achieving this goal, how it has impacted your life so far.

We will discover what changes you would like to make and allow you to remove what you don’t want in or for your life.

You’ll need to fill in a Pre-Session Questionnaire at the time of booking your session.

1-on-1 Session 90 minutes via Video Call or Phone.

You have the option of having your session record so you can refer back to, as needed.

Limited email support for 14 days to help you in getting started.

One 30-minute follow-up call to check on your progress 3-4 weeks after the session.

We’ll quickly get to the heart of the issues and opportunities and immediately map out a plan. I’ll give you the guidance and practical tools needed for putting your plan into action.

Our time together is a practical, action-oriented session that will leave you refreshed and ready to take focused action.

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