Life Coaching

Are You Ready to Stop Surviving and Start Thriving?

Have you ever thought there’s got to be more to life than this?

Being here tells me you have been thinking that you want to start making some life changes, and that time is right now.

Congratulations Gorgeous! 

Let’s break through whatever is holding you back.

Who is Life Coaching for…

Life coaching is for individuals who feel their daily life is unfulfilling, boring or a chore. They are sick and tired of self-sabotaging behaviours, procrastination and other bad habits. Struggling with feelings that they are never enough, lost, loneliness, worry and don’t know how to change. If this is for you, you will be committed to strengthening your self-confidence and creating more joy, fun, purpose and meaning in your life. You may already be trying to change your daily life, but you are not really happy with your progress. You are likely feeling stuck and frustrated with the way your life is going and fed up with experiencing a lack of direction, clarity, and, all essential, a feeling of happiness.

Why would you need this…

You have lost your way in life; it’s all feeling too hard, and life is no longer fun. Personalised life coaching is for you if you feel stuck and unsure what to do about it. You want clarity on your direction, reduce stress, improve your confidence and confidential, unbiased support to moving forward in life. Let’s face it, this kind of thing can be too hard to do on your own, but relying on your family or friends for support doesn’t always work out and can damage those all-important relationships. Personalised life coaching offers you an unbiased, supportive place to talk about anything without fear of judgement or later reprisal.

What it will do…

Working with me will help you discover your inner strengths, overcome any fears, obstacles and clarify your personal and professional goals. You will have confidence in your decisions and have a sense of freedom that allows to you create the life you want. I will be working with you to develop new habits, a clear plan and actionable steps to help you live a purposeful and fulfilled life.

Increase your confidence and self-belief

Create a vision for a life you will love

Enjoy your life with propose and meaning

Break through whatever is holding you back

What actually happens…

Life Coaching offers a personalised, life-changing experience. I offer a few different ways to work together, from single sessions to weekly or biweekly recurring sessions.

You’ll need to fill in a Pre-Session Questionnaire at the time of booking your session.

Single (casual) Session 60 minutes via Video Call or Phone.

Jump Start Your Life Plan Coaching Program – Includes 3 x 60-minute one-on-one sessions and support between sessions.

In our session, you’ll learn how to regain your motivation and inspiration for life. Together, we’ll discover the areas holding you back and how you would like to change. Create an individual plan to support you in overcoming challenges and setting healthy boundaries for yourself—practical tools to help you break down your goals into doable steps.

You don’t have to share everything with me, however, I’ll create a safe space where you can share whatever you like without judgement. Everything is kept completely confidential and never shared.

I’ll develop a customised program that will guide you towards your specific goals and fit your lifestyle. Each session you will receive activities and exercises, tools, how-to tips and weekly homework.

In between our sessions, you’ll have access to me via email for support, guidance, and feedback. Together, we’ll work through any resistance or blockages that arise.

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