FIFO Relationships

Is your relationship separated by work?

Losing your connection with your partner and don’t know what to do?

Here is a way to create intimacy and fun in your relationship again…

So, you are in a FIFO relationship and suddenly all the fun has ended. Not only that, you are also beginning to argue over everything. You didn’t expect FIFO to be this hard! It was meant to guarantee a great future but that is looking less and less likely. You are both feeling lost and frustrated. He’s moody, you’re tired and worse, you are even beginning to dread fly in day. No matter what you do to boost the fun and intimacy there’s just not enough time together to make it work.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to keep the excitement of his homecoming alive long after he returns? To be able to talk about everything and anything knowing that he is listening and that you are both on the same page? To have an intimate, fun-loving connection and not just on fly in day? To feel back in control, not like everything is on hold till he comes home or goes back? To feel him, fitting back into the family like he used to? To have FIFO strengthening your relationship like you thought it would, not damaging it?

    You really are not alone in your FIFO challenges. Most people who start a FIFO lifestyle do not have any experience or any understanding of what a FIFO relationship really entails. The reality can be a huge shock. It is a complicated journey that requires specific relationship skills that few people have or understand. The constant coming together and leaving creates specific challenges in the relationship that is difficult for anyone to manage. Time, in particular, is totally different in a FIFO relationship and normal ways of relationship just won’t work.

    You need to understand the emotional stresses and how to support each other when they happen. You need to know how to communicate clearly and listen to each other and how to keep the relationship alive and fun. You need to understand how timing works in FIFO, and to learn a different rhythm of relationship. And you need to know how to make FIFO a cheeky fun part of your relationship no matter if he is home or not.

    If you’re fed up with the way things are and want a deeper and more fun loving connection with your FIFO love, then now is the time to strengthen your relationship and create a deeper level of intimacy, communication and connection.

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