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Let me show you how you can feel empowered and reconnect with your partner with some of my favourite FREE content you can grab below! Please also check out the blog for more great info and tips.

Increasing Emotional Connection

Communication is easily an essential part of any relationship. When you stop talking about the little things, you lose the ability to talk about the big things in your relationship.

Couples who have regular, meaningful conversations with each other appear to manage challenges that life throws at them. These conversations also help couples to remain emotionally connected and provide couples with emotional support. Even when couples are not overwhelmed with the demands of day-to-day life, these meaningful conversations are topping up your love tank.

Grab a copy of your free Couples Questions printable e-book and start a conversation that will bring you closer today!

A Happy Healthy FIFO Relationship

This FREE downloadable e-book provides 7 powerful tips for making your relationship work.

I wish I had known these 7 powerful tips when we first started our FIFO Lifestyle. They are invaluable in our relationship and we still use them today.

Family Events – Discover how to deal with those special events while apart.

 Bonds of Love – Communicating is the KEY… The GLUE when you are apart.

Become a Passion Planner – Set a goal and an action plan and stop your relationship ending up on Struggle Street.

Intimate Connection – Learn how to make time to reconnect with each other.

This e-book will help you reduce the relationship stress and help you to stay connected and loving regardless of any distances involved.

The Relationship Quiz

Are you feeling disconnected from your partner and just hoping that it will get better?

Take this 5-minute quiz to discover how connected you are in your relationship. And the best ways for you to deepen the connection with your partner no matter if they are home or away.

What is your connection level telling you about your relationship?

FIFO Free Webinar

In this webinar, Pamela has teamed up with the gorgeous Kirsty, the author of Separated by Work to support you in your FIFO Journey.

They have pooled their personal and professional experience of recognising the problems of this life and providing proven solutions for all FIFO couples and families.


During this FREE Webinar you will learn:

  • The  S.T.O.P method and how to dealing with your environment.
  • How to relax your body and mind quickly and easily.
  • Understanding your emotional cycle and how it affects you and your relationship.
  • Keeping your love tank full and why it is important.
  • How to keep the dance alive and fun while keeping the distance out of your relationship.

Together they will help you survive and thrive through FIFO and keep the heart in your home even when you are separated by work.

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FIFO Relationship Support Group

The Free FIFO Relationship Support Facebook Group for Women aims to provide a safe, supportive platform for women only who are in a relationship where their partner works away or is the one who is FIFO (Separated by work or in a FIFO lifestyle) to be honest, and vulnerable about their relationship challenges, successes, issues and concerns.

This is a place to encourage and support each other to take those tiny steps in keeping the love alive in our FIFO relationship and make this FIFO journey a little more enjoyable.


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