Courses and Programs

As a couple, you often run on autopilot for months, even years, caught up in the daily routine of work, home life and family. Every relationship needs attention and care to thrive, and every ‘rough patch’ is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. These programs are designed to support you in enhancing your relationship and filling up your love tank, whether you are together or apart.

FIFO Free Webinar

In this webinar, Pamela has teamed up with the gorgeous Kirsty, the author of Separated by Work to support you in your FIFO Journey. They have pooled their personal and professional experience of recognising the problems of this life and providing proven solutions for all FIFO couples and families.

Together they will help you survive and thrive through FIFO and keep the heart in your home even when you are separated by work.

Reignite The Spark While Apart Course

This email course is about empowering you to rediscover your cheeky self-confidence and showing couples the ‘How-to steps’ for a fun-loving, passionate healthy relationship” whether you are separated by work or together. Pamela wants you to reveal your cheekiest self and from there, She will help you to reawaken the romance in your relationship and create a deeper level of intimacy, whether your partner is home or away.

Coming Soon!

Love Action Plan Workshop

Once you understand your emotional cycle, you can create a love action plan that fits your relationship.

In this online workshop:

You will learn how to map out and understand your emotional cycle to see the effects FIFO is having on you and your relationship. Learn how to keep the communication alive and fun when you are struggling to find things to talk about. You will learn easy action steps to keep your relationship love tank full.

By the end of our time together, you will be able to put these steps into action immediately and remove the distance FIFO is creating. It’s the best way to feel in control with a CLEAR PLAN in making your FIFO journey a fun-loving one.

W.I.W Club

Women In Waiting MembershipSupporting you while you are Separated By Work.

For women whose relationship is Separated By Work or FIFO.

You are in a FIFO relationship and you are separated by work, and suddenly all the fun has ended. You realise your relationship is shutting down and what you are doing so far has not worked. You want to bring back the fun and strengthen the connection with your partner.

 When you two decided to start your separated by work or FIFO journey, you knew there would be some changes to your time together and you expected you both would have to put a little extra effect in but you also knew it would be worth it. However no matter how prepared you two where for the distance, you didn’t think your relationship would suffer.

The constant coming together and leaving create specific challenges in the relationship that is difficult for anyone to manage and the normal way of relationship just won’t work. That’s where W.I.W Club can support you.

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