What I Do

I empower women who feel stuck in life and are struggling to stay connected with their partner by giving them the tools to have a strong connection, communicate in a loving way and feel confident in their relationship.

Hi Gorgeous

I know first-hand how crazy life can be as a wife and that gets even more complicated when you are a mother as well. Trying to keep the household running, working and playing the role of a parent is exhausting.

Your once flirtatious spark has become a distant memory as your days are filled with the boring daily routine and the endless responsibilities of running a household.

And if you are like me, your relationship is separated by work (FIFO) the only highlight is fly-in day, then his downtime kicks in and you are left feeling frustrated, the next thing you know is he’s packing his bags and the whole routine starts again!!!

And you’re left wondering where has the fun, loving relationship we used to have vanished to?

That’s where I come in

My experience as the founder of a love, intimacy and romance business, relationship coach, FIFO wife, and mother-of-three has connected me to countless women just like you. All were struggling with similar identity, sensuality, and relationship issues.

I work with women who are fed up with this struggle – they want their fun-loving life and relationship back. And if your relationship is separated by work, you want to be able to enjoy the FIFO lifestyle and your life regardless of whether your partner is home or not.

Are you looking to

Easily cope with the responsibilities of home and family and wake up loving life again regardless of whether your partner is home or not.

Understand and breeze through their partner’s ups and downs and really enjoy your time with your partner while they are home or away.

Feel really connected with your partner once again and have the fun back in your relationship.

Feel fabulous and in control no matter if your partner is home or away.

My clients are successful if they

Are ready to rediscover themselves and feel confident in life.

Want to feel in love, appreciated, understood and connected once again.

Are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and are ready to take action.

And you know what… it’s fun! No sadness of bringing up the past stuff. Working with me, we quickly identify what isn’t working, remove it and replace it with fun stuff that works for you and your partner creating the fun-loving relationship you are wanting.

My clients are totally, ready to put on their dancing shoes and step into their best relationship ever!

Courses and Programs

My online courses and programs are designed to guide you step-by-step through some of the common challenges you experience in a relationship.

Learn the playful secrets to awakening your passion, rediscovering your cheeky side and have a deeper connection with your partner.

W.I.W Club

Not ready for counselling or one on one coaching just yet?

The W.I.W club is for women who are ready to feel fabulous, empowered and in love with their life while they learn how to build a strong foundation to create a fun, loving, intimate relationship filled with passion, excitement and spontaneity, the one they actually want!

Coaching Services

Your life and relationship are unique and don't fit in the traditional story of life and relationships.

But neither does my services, and each of my services offers a personalised, life-changing experience.

No matter where you are in your life journey, I have a life and relationship service to support you.

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