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I’m Pamela Crane and I supports women who are worried that they are losing their connection with their partner.

I have been in the business of love and relationships for over a decade, my experience and certification allows me to work with women just like yourself to rekindle passion, intimacy, communication and to empower sexuality to improve the quality of their relationship.

For ten years, I was the Founder of Cheeky Angel. I dedicated my life to supporting women in boosting their sexy self-confidence and having a more satisfying love life with their partner. During this time, I have mentored women (and a few men) in redefining their life, relationship and mindset, so they too can have a really fulfilling love life.

I’ve held hundreds of private ultimate goddess parties with homemakers, mums and working women who were longing for information on how to feel empowered and heal the lack of intimacy and fulfilment in their lives.

To support them, I studied innovative, cutting-edge education in the areas of sexuality, love, intimacy, romance and relationships and completed several personal development, leadership and mentoring programs.

A few years ago, I decided to focus on the FIFO community as I had become a FIFO wife. I found myself feeling stuck, alone, resentful, tired and fed up of not having any quality time together. I was often afraid of not being strong enough and seldom felt really confident, loved or appreciated enough. I realised that the problems I experienced were actually not my own but were universal in both the FIFO and the non-FIFO community.

While my training was helpful to women who have their partners home every day, for a couple who are separated by work it had to be applied in a totally unique way. These experiences have given me a unique understanding of how to best support women who see their partner every day and those who are separated by work.

My Qualifications

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors: Currently working towards Diploma of Counselling.

Loveology University: Certification in working with couples to rekindle passion, intimacy, communication and to empower sexuality to improve the quality of their relationship.

Love Coach Academy: Trained in Compassionate Connections, Communication, and Relationships. Managing one’s emotions and communication when triggered to be able to enjoy more love and affection, to create & maintain great relationships.

Relationship Development: Completed the Relationship Development 101 program. Trained in breakthroughs and create your unshakeable love and unleashed passion!

Landmark World Wide: Completed the Curriculum For Living Program which includes personal development in the areas of self-expression, commitment, integrity, breakthroughs and living passionately.

The Mind Aware: Completed the Train Your Brain program which includes understanding why your brain is the most powerful asset we have, training exercises to make changes in life effortlessly and understanding the power of both the conscious and unconscious mind.

How I give back to my community

Volunteer as a Local Area Leader for FIFO Families. Hosted a number of events allowing local FIFO families to connect up and meet with other FIFO families in the area.

Fundraising with Biggest Morning Teas and Girls Nights In, I’m helping to support the Queensland Cancer Council raise much-needed funds for research and support to fight cancer in Queensland.

World Record As an integral member of the ‘Bra Army’ I’m assisted in breaking the World Record for “The World’s Longest Bra Chain”, and in doing so, both raising money for and promoting prevention and early intervention programs for breast cancer in partnership with MyLifeMyStyle and Kim McGrath Foundation.

My mission

My passion for boost cheeky confidence, happy and healthy loving relationships drives me to keep my skills up-to-date in the world of love, communication, connection, confidence and relationships. Allowing me to offer my clients a range of different ways to improve their relationship which includes 1-on-1 coaching, workshops and online courses. I truly believe, as long as there is love and a willingness, anything IS Possible.

Are you really ready to feel Connected, Appreciated, Understood and Loved? Click here to learn how you can have a free chat with me.

+ Certificates and Diploma I have studied

+ years I've been a FIFO wife

+ years I have been support women

+ years I have been married

Courses and Programs

My online courses and programs are designed to guide you step-by-step through some of the common challenges you experience in a relationship.

Learn the playful secrets to awakening your passion, rediscovering your cheeky side and have a deeper connection with your partner.

W.I.W Club

Not ready for counselling or one on one coaching just yet?

The W.I.W club is for women who are ready to feel fabulous, empowered and in love with their life while they learn how to build a strong foundation to create a fun, loving, intimate relationship filled with passion, excitement and spontaneity, the one they actually want!

Coaching Services

Your life and relationship are unique and don't fit in the traditional story of life and relationships.

But neither does my services, and each of my services offers a personalised, life-changing experience.

No matter where you are in your life journey, I have a life and relationship service to support you.

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