Relationship Coaching

Do you need support in Growing Together, not apart?

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Just being here shows you are ready to take the next step in reconnecting with your partner and creating a stronger relationship.

Talking about your relationship can be a sensitive subject. Words can often be taken the wrong way, and suddenly you find yourself in an argument, which ends up hurting your relationship instead of helping it.

And if you are separated by work or FIFO, understanding what a FIFO relationship really entails can be a huge shock. The constant coming together and leaving creates specific challenges in the relationship that can be difficult for anyone to manage.

Positive and productive coaching helps you to take your relationship to the next level…

Who is Relationship Coaching for…

Relationship coaching is for individuals who are in a relationship and are feeling disconnected from their partner. If this is for you, you will be committed to strengthening your intimate connection and creating more fun and love in your life. You may already be trying to make changes in your relationship but you are not really happy with your progress. You are likely feeling lost and frustrated with the way your relationship is going and fed up with experiencing a lack of intimacy, fun and that, all essential, romance.

Why would you need this…

You have lost the closeness with your partner, and your relationship is no longer fun. One-on-one coaching is for you if you are feeling isolated, frustrated and disconnected and want a clear direction and confidential, unbiased support to strengthen your loving relationship. Let’s face it, this kind of thing can be too hard to do on your own, but relying on your family or friends for support doesn’t always work out and can damage those all-important relationships. One-on-one coaching offers you an unbiased, supportive place to talk about anything without fear of judgement or later reprisal.

What it will do…

Working with me will help you discover and remove old patterns that are no longer working for you and your relationship. I will be working with you to develop new habits, ways of being, thought processes and actions that will help you create your relationship into something extraordinary.

Strengthen Your Emotional Bond

Rock-solid relationships are built on trust, emotional intimacy, love and respect.

Improve Your Communication

Successful couples can work through anything, provided they have good communication.

On The Same Page With Your Partner

As your relationship grows, you need to align your goals and work together as a team.

Bring Back The Spark In Your Relationship

Discover how to reignite the passionate intimacy in your relationship and create a life that inspires more.

You will be able to overcome challenges and set healthy boundaries for yourself and your relationship. Improve your communication skills, giving you the ability to reduce misunderstanding and resolve conflict. Learn to express your emotions in a way that will help you connect rather than disconnect with your partner, allowing for a more secure bond and building trust, creating a healthier and thriving loving relationship.

What actually happens…

Relationship Coaching offers a personalised, life-changing experience. I offer a few different ways to work together, from single sessions to weekly or biweekly recurring sessions.

You’ll need to fill in a Pre-Session Questionnaire at the time of booking your session.

Single (casual) Session 60 minutes via Video Call or Phone. Single sessions do not come with support between sessions unless agreed upon.

Jump Start Your Connection Coaching Program – Includes 3 x 60-minute one-on-one sessions and support between sessions.

In our first session, we discuss your unique needs and identify the specific challenges that you are committed to transforming right now. Working one to one means that each issue is personally addressed and each action can be monitored and tweaked to enable you to create the relationship you really want.

You don’t have to share everything with me; however, I’ll create a safe space where you can share whatever you like without judgement. Everything is kept completely confidential and never shared.

I’ll develop a customised program that will guide you towards your specific goals and fit your lifestyle. Each session, you will receive activities and exercises, relationship tools, how-to tips and weekly Love-work… Yes, fun and sometimes playful homework that you can do by yourself or together!

In between our sessions, you’ll have access to me via email for support, guidance, and feedback. Together, we’ll work through any resistance or blockages that arise.

To get started, click on the button below that best works for you. 

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